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At KHNJ, we are dedicated to preserving and celebrating Hindu cultural traditions. Our community service programs, cultural events, and traditional festival celebrations all work together to create a sense of belonging and connectedness within our community. Come join us in keeping these important traditions alive.

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Cultural Events

At KHNJ, we are committed to promoting and preserving Kerala Hindu culture and traditions. Our cultural and traditional events are a way for us to come together as a community, celebrate our heritage, and connect with our ancestors. From religious festivals to cultural performances, we offer a variety of events that reflect our values and beliefs.

Community Service

At KHNJ, community service is one of our core values. We believe that by giving back, we can help make the world a better place. Whether it's volunteering at a religious place, partnering with NGOs in many initiatives or supporting community events, we are always willing to lend a helping hand. Our members are dedicated to making a positive impact and we're proud of the work we've done so far.


This is an initiative by KHNJ  to co-ordinate the efforts of our young generation who are committed and passionate about service to the community. Their major activities for the year include:

  • STEM Day (in association with Agraj Seva Kendra)

  • Earth Day Celebrations

  • Blood Drive

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Religious Activities

 Participating in the different religious activities  are a great way to connect with the divine and feel at peace. KHNJ provides an opportunity for the community in New Jersey  to come together in the event of the below special occasions:

  • Ayyappa Bhajan during Mandalakalam

  • Ramayana Parayanam

  • Karkidaka Vavu Bali

  • Saraswathi Pooja

  • Maha Sivarathri


Language and Culture Classes

Welcome to Jalakam, our Malayalam classes, where you can learn the beautiful language of Kerala. Our classes are designed to help you master the language and improve your fluency so that you can connect more deeply with the vibrant Indian culture.

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